Sugar-free Smoked Plum Juice

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    Sugar-free Smoked Plum Juice

    Key Features

    Sugar-free Smoked Plum Juice

    • [name] sugar-free ebony soup

    • material] water, ebony, plum essence

    • [Contents] 350ml [Storage period] 1 year

    •  [Place of Origin] Taiwan [Precautions] The bottom sediment is plum essence, please shake it first and the flavor is better.

    • [Award record] Association of Taiwan Halal Industry Quality Assurance Promotion Association - Halal Certification (halal certification) also known as Islamic certification and Islamic halal certification In accordance with the ancient law, absolute work, seven days of sleeplessness Baking with longan dry ancient method, seven days and seven nights without sleep Green plum charcoal direct baking plus fine plum essence most natural most traditional