Plum Extraction

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    Plum Extraction


    • Form:Pasty

    Key Features

    Plum Extraction

    • [name] organic plum essence

    •  [Materials] Organic Green Plum (Taiwan)

    • [Capacity] 70g ± 2g [Storage period] 2 years

    • [Place of Origin] Taiwan [Certification body] Taiwan Province Organic Agriculture Production Association, corporate legal person Taiwan halal industry quality assurance promotion association certification [Eating method] Divide about one spoon each morning and evening with a small spoon attached to the box, dilute it with warm water and dilute it to 100cc~600cc and drink it (diluted according to personal taste).

    • [Notes] 1. Due to the high concentration factor of this product, do not drink directly and on an empty stomach. [Storage method] Please store in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature

    • . [Award-winning record] won the top 100 boutiques of the 97 farmers and fisheries