High-Quality Delicious Preserved Pickled Sweet & Sour Plum

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    Delicious and vacuum-packed preserved sweet sour plums.


    • Style:Dried

    Key Features

    • Tasty and delicious pickled plums packed in vacuum packaging for easy consumption and storage
    • Contains a mixture of salty, sweet, and sour flavored plums
    • Made using high-quality ingredients for optimal taste
    • All of our products are competitively priced

    Salt-sour Soft Plum

    • [name] lemon plum [ingredients] lemon,

    • Plum powder, sugar, salt, licorice [weight] 100g ± 5g [Storage method] Please keep it in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight or place it at a high temperature. Please eat immediately after opening.

    • [Storage period] 12 months [Place of Origin] Taiwan 【Precautions】Because the lemon slices are processed by hand, it is normal to be irregular. It contains deoxidizer and should not be eaten.