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Dried Salted Plum (without seed)
Dried Salted Plum In the past, we have been adhering to the business strategy of diversified services,  single window setting, and enthusiasm and efficiency. We serve farmers and the general public. However, in response to the trend of rapid changes in the external environment in response to trade liberalization,  in addition to the continuous promotion of production and sales,  It is also necessary to develop a new business approach that is in line with modern and future,  such as expanding the
Delicious Preserved Pickled Sweet & Sour Plum
Tasty and delicious pickled plums packed in vacuum packaging for easy consumption and storage Contains a mixture of salty, sweet, and sour flavored plums Made using high-quality ingredients for optimal taste All of our products are competitively priced Salt-sour Soft Plum [name] lemon plum [ingredients] lemon, Plum powder, sugar, salt, licorice [weight] 100g ± 5g [Storage method] Please keep it in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight or place it at a high temperature. Please eat immediately after

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The mission of Xinyi Farmers’ Association is to promote the unique culture and local industry of Xinyi. Xinyi is an ideal place to have many agricultural products, for example, plum, tea, vegetables and so on. In addition, we have made an effort to keep culture heritage and Rural Revitalization as well. When plum was exported as ingredient one more decade ago, Xinyi Farmers’ Association has developed process of plum, and established Xinyi Farmers’ Association plum processing factory in October, 1989. We have not only put a lot of resource in agricultural processing industry but also cooperated with academic research unit to develop a variety of plum product.
In 2007, Xinyi Farmers’ Association registered successfully and got the license of the first private winery in Taiwan, at the same time, it combined with plum processing plant into plum dream factory. We only use local plum as ingredient to make sure the quality and establish rigorous process to follow. The name of product is to combine Xinyi’s daily life, food and festival, etc. We expect when people having these product everywhere can feel the innocent, delightful atmosphere from Xinyi.


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